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The MetaCat® Repository: for Document, Record, and Digital Asset Management

Document, record and digital asset management:

  • Single-source, XML-based, enterprise content management
  • Unlimited collections and media objects
  • Supports OpenURL 1.0, OAI, and JCR 1.0
  • Unlimited hierarchically-structured metadata
  • Full-text and boolean searches on any parameter and across collections
  • Style sheets customize the look and feel
  • Import/export any data via XML or CSV
  • Fine-grained security to the data element level
  • Basic web-based application and also high-function Java-based client
  • Provides web-based data collection and reporting for any type of data - including surveys
Detailed Feature List
Professional media and metadata management:
  • Multi-windowed, graphical user interface for powerful point-click, drag-drop data and user management
  • Full edit-history tracking
  • Supports complex, hierarchical taxonomies - with sophisticated data management features
  • Batch upload multimedia, documents, and other associated materials
Image Manipulation Highlights
Web Client:
  • Search and view media and catalog records
  • Four customizable views for task-based efficiency - can show/hide data, sort, and print from any view
  • Create, save, and download presentations
  • Give permission to share anytime, anywhere
  • Media upload and cataloging
MetaCat Player:
  • Allows users with permission to view saved presentations
  • Can place links to presentations in other websites
  • If presentation is a quiz, quiz can be taken online
  • Management features available, such as setting permissions, setting test delivery parameters
  • From the classroom to the enterprise, allows dynamic reporting and data disaggregation for online tests. Teachers see only their own students test results. Students can see only their own tests. Administrators can see and combine results for state/district reporting.
Data and Security Management:
  • Fine-grained security to the data element level using relational database views
  • User/Group/Role-based security for each collection and associated catalog elements
  • 128-bit encryption, certified by Thawte

Administration Introduction

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