Comprehensive Assessment System

Comprehensive Item Bank Management:

  • Real-time, single-source, XML-based, enterprise data management
  • Web-services architecture for extensibility, such as integrating with AI scoring engines
  • Unlimited hierarchically-structured metadata
  • Full-text and boolean searches on any parameter and across item banks
  • Incorporate any type of multimedia
  • Style sheets can customize the look and feel
  • Import/export any data via XML or CSV - including test results and student demographic data as well as items and tests
  • Unlimited item banks and fine-grained security
  • Pool your own items, develop new items with collaborative teams, and/or purchase and import content from a variety of vendors
Item Development Tool:
  • Security and workflow for multi-author environments
  • Full Edit-History Tracking
  • Field-test items online, calculate and store classic statistics.
  • Export test results to other statistical programs for further analysis.
    Upload new stats backup into item bank
  • Upload multimedia, documents, and other associated materials
  • High-function, professional data management console
Easy Test Creation Tool:
  • Powerful search and view capabilities
  • Test blueprint tools help generate new tests
  • Test Analysis tools
  • Download and edit in word processor for paper/pencil delivery
  • Adjust scoring weight, feedback
Easy Online Test Delivery:
  • Dynamic shuffling of questions and choices available
  • Browser-based or secure browser for high-stakes
  • Student work saved-as-they-go
  • Instant or delayed feedback
  • Test-day password and other security options available
  • Customized test site and student demographic data
  • Test-window dates
  • Practice quizzes for self-assessment
  • Embed links to tests in course websites
  • 508 compliant, 128-bit encryption, certified by Thawte
  • Teacher-scored constructed response items, up to three independent scorers, real-time monitoring reports
Easy Dynamic Reporting:

Data and Security Management:

  • User/Group/Role-based security; 128-bit encryption, certified by Thawte
  • Lock tests so proctors/teachers can only deliver the test, but not edit
  • Unlimited hierarchical test result security
    (For example: state > district > school > teacher > student)
  • Archive data for long-term storage and longitudinal reporting (student data, tests, test results)
  • Provides web-based data collection and reporting for any type of data - including surveys

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