Revision Notes!
The modules in the SCASS Science Item bank are in the process of being reviewed and updated by teams of experts.

Many items and stimulus images have been updated with improved wording and clarity.

Some items in the modules have been "retired" because they did not meet the quality criteria and are no longer recommended for use. These items have been removed from the main bank but are still viewable in the original modules, accessible via a link to the original PDF document.

Modules that have been revised are identified with an addition to the module title as well as the individual item numbers. However, when items have been removed from the module, the remaining items are NOT re-numbered and you will notice numbering gaps. The revision in the titles and numbering include a "-r" for revised, followed by the month and year of the revision.

Example of revised titles and numbering:

Original Module Title: 016EM: Biosphere, contained 8 items: 016em-01, 016em-02, 016em-03, 016em-04, 016em-05, 016em-06, 016em-07, and 016em-08.

Revised Title: 016EM-r-10-07: Biosphere, now contains 7 items (Item 4 retired): 016em-01-r-10-07, 016em-02-r-10-07, 016em-03-r-10-07, 016em-05-r-10-07, 016em-06-r-10-07, 016em-07-r-10-07,and 016em-08-r-10-07.